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Mr. Sheerin is a California licensed patent attorney (USPTO registered) with over 22 years experience serving clients in the mass storage, communications, and Internet industries, having drafted over 600 electrical/computer patents for large corporations (such as Cirrus Logic and Western Digital) as well as smaller start-up companies. Mr. Sheerin has extensive technical experience, including integrated circuit design (analog and digital), linear systems, communication theory, coding theory, digital signal processing, control theory, computer programming (assembly, C++, Java, etc.), and Internet applications (please view example patents). Mr. Sheerin has been studying and actively participating in the cryptocurrency revolution, including to draft multiple Bitcoin/Blockchain patent applications. Mr. Sheerin ardently endorses and accepts payment in Bitcoin for any service rendered.

There have been several recent developments in U.S. patent law regarding the patentability of inventions implemented using the Internet.  I am well versed in the relevant case law and can provide valuable counsel as to whether your Bitcoin/Blockchain invention qualifies as patentable subject matter. In addition, I draft Bitcoin patents and Blockchain patents in a manner that helps ensure the subject matter is considered patentable, as well as draft claims that cover the invention broadly to help maximize the value of any issued Bitcoin patents and Blockchain patents.

"One of the best patent attorneys we've worked with." Milad Shara, Western Digital Corporation

"We wish you would have been involved from the start." Ronald Katsuranis, VoiceTeach LLC

"A pleasure working with you." John Mao, RHUB Communications Inc.

"An impressive ability to comprehend complex engineering concepts." Chris Zook, Cirrus Logic, Inc.

Broadcom acquires patent portfolio from Cirrus Logic ($18 Million) for patents on read channel and other hard disk controller technologies: http://www.broadcom.com/press/release.php?id=494286